In July 2017, at «Novo-Aldzhansky Melkombinat»LLP was launched a line for the production of an ingredient of national dishes.

Under the brand name “GRANUM” Novo-Aldzhansky mill produces 7 types of yarns for cooking the national dish beshbarmak.

Zhaima is a classic product, which is thinly rolled and cut dough strips.

Pasta “Zhaima” – made from flour of superior quality, selected varieties of Kazakh wheat, without additives and dyes, high quality, original European design.

“Zhaima” is a ribbon pasta: 50-60mm wide, 50-120mm long, 0.5-0.6mm thick.

Pasta “Zhaima” is produced on the Italian line “Ital past” used to prepare a Kazakh Kazakh dish beshbarmak, in this dish the rolled out dough sheets are used as a garnish.

Beshbarmak is one of the main dishes of Kazakh national cuisine, which is prepared for celebrations, weddings, anniversaries or other solemn occasions.

When preparing besh, we must remember that there are two points that make besh truly delicious. The first is the presence of a kazi and the second, in a hand-rolled dough.