Expanding the cooperation, the company “BNB Group”, concluded a contract for the distribution of products of the enterprise “MFT”, production facilities, which are located in the Dakhan association. S.Rozmetov etrap of S.Niyazov of the Dashoguz velayat in Turkmenistan.
The trade mark “MFT” (Maks Food Technology) represents an assortment of organic juices and nectars of direct pressing, tomato sauces and vegetable caviar.
The products are very popular thanks to the ecological compatibility of the production. Juices and nectars do not contain sugar and preservatives.
The quality of the fruit used for the preparation of direct squeezed juice is strictly controlled. Ripe fruits and vegetables are carefully selected, washed, crushed and pressed. Then the juice is squeezed out of them, filtered and then bottled into a sterile glass container. The products are pasteurized in a gentle manner in order to ensure the microbiological purity of the product and the maximum safety of its useful qualities.