“BNB Group” company in July 2017, entered into a dealership agreement with «Novo-Aldzhansky Melkombinat» LLP to distribute the GRANUM trade mark throughout Turkmenistan.

«Novo-Aldzhansky Melkombinat»LLP is an enterprise with a long history of producing pasta from hard wheat varieties.

The production complex is located in the district of Aktobe (Kazakhstan).

The new trade mark “GRANUM” will be presented at the outlets of Turkmenistan in the assortment of pasta and flour.

Flour “GRANUM” has four varieties
: universal flour “extra”, flour for baking bread, flour for pancakes and flour of the highest grade for hot dishes.

According to the plant’s technologists, “extra” flour passes additional cleaning, and flour for cooking hot dishes is enriched with a special enzyme “poritel”, so it becomes viscous.

Experts daily conduct a test for the content of raw materials and the quality of flour.

Also, the main feature of “Granum” brand products is the saturation of products with various microelements and vitamins.

All these beneficial properties have a beneficial effect on the body and human immunity.