BNB Group Company currently occupies a leading position in the distribution of food products of famous brands of Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

A well-coordinated team of highly qualified specialists at the highest level ensures proper storage conditions and timely delivery of products of declared quality in the required quantity. Created more than 100 jobs.

Dynamically developing, the company applies the latest technologies for managing of business processes, and successfully implements international standards of control and quality for distribution of all product groups.

The geography of sales of BNB Group Company is constantly expanding. Currently, the company sells products in all regions of Turkmenistan. Having 4500 retail outlets in the country and 1600 retail outlets in the capital Ashgabat, the company supplies food to major retail networks and cooperates with national retailers.

The mission of the company is to make distribution in Turkmenistan as efficient and harmonious as possible, contributing to the development of regions of its presence.